"Live Forever"

(by Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors) 

I won't even try to explain why I didn't post yesterday, because it's the same ol' same ol'...Instead, I'll just do one of my "oops, I haven't posted in a while here are some pictures" catch up blogs! {Right, Brooke?!}

My week wasn't too exciting, but I've had a weekend full of domestic things! Aside from doing laundry & cleaning out the refrigerator {pretty exciting, huh?} I worked on a couple of things for my bedroom transformation. I am so very close to finishing it up!! Once I get a little help from Brian, I'll be ready to show you everything. In preparation for the curtain rods that he's helping me with, I performed one of my least favorite jobs in the whole wide world: hanging curtain rod brackets :/

{Don't ask!}

I altered some curtains for the aforementioned curtain rods:

And while I had the sewing machine out, I altered some stuff for my baby girl. She bought a shirt that she really liked, except she wasn't a fan of how low the v-neck was cut. So she asked me to sew a piece of fabric into it. When baby girl asks me to make her shirt more modest, I'll sew, rip seams, and re-sew as many times as necessary to make it work {not that I went through all that or anything...}

While I was holding down the fort, Chris was in NOLA with Erick (his BFF) for a beard competition!

He didn't expect to win, but he thought it would be a fun experience. Erick texted me this picture during the contest:

& Chris texted me this picture of the winner of his category (Full Beard Natural, in case you wondered):

And because I don't want to leave you with that image, here's a fluffy ball of cuteness:

{Don't let those puppy dog eyes fool you...she's crazy. But I love her!}

Alrighty! I'm sure I'm leaving things out, but I've got to get to bed!! Cody started cross country last week, and I've been getting up at 5:15 every morning to get him to school for practice. I don't like getting up (& out) before the sun, but it's just one of those sacrifices that you make for your babies. If only I could make myself get to bed earlier, though, because this mama is T.I.R.E.D.

I hope y'all have a super great week! ♥


P.S. I [accidentally] killed a raccoon while taking Cody to xc practice last week. I feel bad about that. And I wish it had been a possum, because they are ugly. There. I feel better now that I've confessed that.


RR Mama said…
OK that man's beard would put any one on Duck Dynasty to shame. And don't feel bad about the raccoon, I killed a squirrel the other day, a baby one too. :(
Zion said…
I love that picture of Chris. Funny that you mention about killing the raccoon and wishing it was a possum, because I was talking about that kind of thing YESTERDAY! I saw the cutest raccoon, by the dumpster and I love them even though they are "varmints" and it did occur to me that possums are the same, but they are not loved at all. At least you didn't kill a baby raccoon because they are the most adorable things ever.

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