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My bedroom has undergone quite a transformation over the past month, and I'm so excited to say that it's actually done & can be crossed off my list! Decorating a bedroom may not seem very list-worthy, but it's something I've wanted to do for a loooong time! I even bought different bedding a couple of years ago (as evidenced in the pictures), and had every intention of redoing the room at that point. But it always seemed to be the lowest priority, so it has never been complete. And honestly, it isn't 100% complete because it is lacking some art on the walls. But I'm not real concerned about that, so I'm calling it done.

As with most projects around my house, I did things on the cheap. I had originally planned on buying some used furniture for my friend Elaine to paint for me, but she thought my furniture had good enough bones to be painted. I wasn't sure about that at first, but she said that I could always sell it if I didn't like it when she was done. Within about two minutes of the painting process, I was already in love! And paint is way less expensive than an entire furniture set!

I fell in love with a chaise lounge that we happened upon at World Market one day, and it was on clearance for around $200! Since I was saving money by not purchasing a bedroom set, I snatched it up! I had been wanting to put something different in the bay window, so I was ecstatic to find something that I loved for such a great price! Elaine & I managed to find bedding for less than $50 (on sale and using a 20% off coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond) and some pillows & other random accessories for pretty cheap, too. I was able to find 1500 thread count sheets for $25 (for King-size!) on Amazon. And after looking at several stores for curtains that were longer than the standard 84",  I finally found some 96" curtains at Hobby Lobby (for half price: two panels for $25). I cut them down the middle & hemmed them to make four thinner curtains (which look better with the small side windows). I made the curtain rod out of PVC pipe (using this tutorial, and it only cost around $10 instead of $80). After spray painting a few items that I already had, I came in under $500.

And now for the pictures...

This was my room when we first moved in:

And here it is now:

I had never been happy with how unbalanced the pieces look, but I never really knew what else to do. Elaine thought we should repurpose the highboy & use it as storage a statement piece in my entryway {I'll show you a picture of it later, but trust me, it's gorgeous!} She found another nightstand that was nearly identical to the one I already had, and she painted it to match. This is how it looked straight on (all asymmetrical and stuff):

And here it is more balanced:

We took the seriously outdated mirror off the dresser & replaced it with a mirror that was leaning up against the wall {just like the clock that has been in the background of pictures--on the floor--for the last four years. Sorry, Amy, I should just get rid of it!} Here is the dresser with the outdated mirror:

And here it is all updated:

I am SO happy with my bedroom transformation!! Plus I was able to spend a lot of time with Elaine and get to know her better, so it was a win-win situation! Speaking of...Elaine posted about this on her blog, too. So if you'd like to see more pictures & get some more technical details, head on over there!



Brooke said…
that's some seriously cheap bedding for a king size!! great score.
i love the color contrast between the bed and the end tables.

y'all did a fab job!!
Zion said…
GREAT JOB! Love love love it. Your friend has some skills! I will say though, I liked seeing your before and after. There is something about the wide angle shot and seeing it all together that really gives it the wow factor.
melissa said…
Looks fantastic ! Great job !!
Amanda said…
I love the update! Looks great! :D
Unknown said…
A fun time had by all! Thanks Amy for being my furniture sous-chef in this transformation. I wish everything I painted came with company and great conversation like yours!

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