"Back to Life"

(by Soul II Soul) Soul II Soul - Volume I - Keep on Movin' - Back to Life

Well, Christmas break is over, & it's back to life for me! We had a wonderful time for the two+ weeks that my kids were out of school. We did a lot of sleeping in & a lot of visiting with friends & family. Our trip to see my mister's family in the Dallas area ended up being somewhat of a reunion tour! Though we weren't able to make it to see my grandmother & Kendra's family (because of the road conditions), we had the opportunity to see a few friends & family members that we haven't seen in quite awhile. It has been several years since we saw Christopher's Grandma, sister, nephew, uncle & a couple of cousins ~ so it was super great to see all of them again! We also had a wonderful visit with friends we hadn't seen in awhile (the family of the man I mentioned in Cody's segment of my 2009 Recap post).

Here we are with some of Christopher's mom's side of the family:

& here are the kids with their Uncle Alex & cousin Gabriel:

We had the last of our Christmas celebrations with my family this past weekend. Between my mom's Saturday night & our house with Dad on Sunday, this was the best picture I was able to get of the kids with their cousins (my silly, camera-shy brother's kids ~ like father, like children):

As for my goals this year, I'm making progress! I realized last night that if I put my workout clothes on first thing in the morning, my odds of actually working out were better. And it worked! After taking the kids to school in the freezing cold & snuggling under a blanket with my puppy for a little while, I determined that the only way to really warm up was to work out. So, I did about 20 minutes of Wii Fit. I know it's not a lot, but I'm really just trying to re-establish the habit at first. I also don't need to lose weight, so I'm not trying to go all out with a crazy routine! I just want to be healthy! I would go walk my dog, but I'm not crazy! I'm a true Texan, and 28 degrees is just too cold for me (& my little dog, too)!

I also started a load of laundry before sitting down to coffee & the Bible. {I'm telling you, I'm trying real hard to start the year off right! I'm quite proud of myself for remembering to start the laundry!} I have decided to read through the Bible this year. I haven't done that since Bible school, so I felt like this was a good time to do it again. On my phone, I have a Bible app with a daily Bible reading plan, so it's kinda handy! It has readings in both the Old & New Testaments, along with a Psalm or two. I'm enjoying it so far, though I'm confused about the order of things. For some reason, we're reading through Genesis & Matthew (which makes sense), but have skipped a few Psalms...not real sure why, but I'm cool with sticking to the plan! I'm sure we'll read them later!

I hear the dryer buzzing at me for the second time. Back to life, back to...



Brooke said…
back to exercise and watching what i eat for me...

i'm doing a read the Bible through plan also, but I started in May of 2009. I've missed a few times, so there is no way I'm finishing in May. New goal - finish before 12/31/10.

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