"So Good To Me"

Darrell Evans - Trading My Sorrows - The Best of Darrell Evans - So Good to Me
(by Darrell Evans)

"O God, You've been so good to me
You came and found this orphan
And You brought me right into Your family
O God, You've been so good to me
You threw away my past
And You never count my sins against me
Oh, Thank You, Lord

You got me dancing
And now I'm shouting
You go me leaping
And now I'm spinning Hallelujah
You're so good to me (Nah nah nah nah)
You're so good to me (Nah nah nah nah)
You're so good to me

O God, You've been so good to me
And every day I wake up
I breathe another breath of Your mercy
O God, You've been so good to me
And my delight is in
You 'Cause I know that
Your hand is upon me


Jesus, You're the One
Who saved myself from me
So I will be the one
To praise You in the streets

You're so good to me...”

Y2K! Nothing catastrophic happened when it turned midnight, did it?! Do you remember the doom & gloom that was predicted?! Overall, the year 2000 was pretty good for us. Christopher was licensed as a minister in February. “Reverend Butch” had several chances to perform his duties as a clergy member during his first year, but I'll get to that later...

Christopher & I were planning a trip for Memorial Day weekend~our first trip alone since our honeymoon! Dan & Sheryl were going to watch Elizabeth for us, because Dan was wanting me to have a baby on his birthday in February! Unfortunately for Dan, we conceived a little early (they still kept the girl, though)! We were so excited about having another baby, and once again, I absolutely loved being pregnant!

In July, Christopher's 6-month old nephew died of SIDS. It was so incredibly sad. Chris had only been licensed as a minister for a few months & was already conducting a funeral, and his baby nephew's at that. It was awful, and I can't even imagine what it has been like for his sister. He did get the opportunity to officiate a couple of weddings that year, too. His first wedding was his uncle's that August, and then our friend Aaron's in November. I must say that weddings are much better than funerals! I'm sure everyone agrees!

In September, we found out that we were expecting a BOY! Elizabeth enjoyed watching the sonogram video of her baby brother, even though she didn't really understand what she was seeing. One time, she was watching a Veggie Tales video; and when it got to the static at the end of the tape, she said, “Baby Tody!” Too cute!! Anyways, I ended the year weighing more than Chris, as we were getting very close to the birth of our baby boy...


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