(by Seven Places) Seven Places - Lonely for the Last Time - Landslide

"I feel crazy, hope is hazy right now
But I won't freak out
I won't freak out at the sound of the

Landslide inside
Fear wants to take my peace of mind
Won't run, won't hide
I will lift my hands up high

In my troubles, I have doubled my prayers
'Cause I need them
I need them like I need the air


Here's to the Name above all names
I will trust you Jesus, I'll be brave

I will live my life
Day by day
'Cause You're the only Truth
The only Way out of this


Here's to the Name above all names
Here's to the only One who saves
I will trust you Jesus, I'll be brave"

It is finally 2008 on my trip down memory lane! I hope you've enjoyed it a little bit, & I didn't bore you with too many details. It's been kinda fun for me! Of course, everybody knows about the "landslide" that has occurred over the past few months of this year, but the early part of 2008 was actually pretty good! Chris & Freddy sold their company & went to work for the company that bought them, so he started getting this thing called a PAYCHECK. I don't know if you've heard of those or not, but they're pretty neat! With the sale of the business, we were able to pay off about 1/3 of our debt!! We also have much better health coverage, which Chris has thoroughly tested out! Both of the kids played soccer this spring, so that made us a little busy. I don't think I like having activities every evening of the week.

In February, I got the opportunity to go to The Revolve Tour with the girls from our youth group. It was a wonderful two-day event where they hopefully got a better understanding of God's love for them; but beyond that, there were concerts. Most importantly, Hawk Nelson was there, & Daniel (the bass player) saw that I had my kazoo!

To save gas money, Chris got a moped...

& promptly wrecked it, broke his finger, & had to have surgery to affix this strange contraption to the bones on both sides of the knuckle:

My beautiful cousin Kendra came to visit again (I'm sorry, I forgot to say that she came last summer, too!)

And, there you have it! The rest of the year has already been chronicled on my blog, for the most part.


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