(by Willamette Stone) 

So...it has been almost a month since I've posted again. It really isn't my intention to go this long, but I'm having trouble finding the time to sit down and post.

I've done a couple of things deserving of their own posts, like...

...the JOHNNYSWIM concert!

...and a weekend trip to Georgia for the CURE OM Symposium!

{more on both of these later, I promise!}

I've also gone to a few track meets...

{Cody was talking to one of our youth volunteers who coaches at the school that hosted the meet ü}

{My boy ran his first mile of the year on Friday. He was hoping for sub-5 but finished in 5:04...almost there! I'm hoping he gets to run the mile more so he can meet his goal, but they keep putting him in the 3200. We'll see...}

Sadly, I missed one meet. I have to brag on my friends, though, because they truly are the best! We booked our trip to Georgia before we got Cody's track schedule, so we weren't able to be at his meet last Friday. Not only did Amy, Kim, James, and Kristin attended in our place, but they took pictures and texted me a play-by-play! It really meant so much to me that they were there when I couldn't be. ♥

I led a modern, high-tech small group one night! ü B moved far away but was able to join us via Facetime...

{In case you're wondering why Avery is holding the Smencil with the phone...it was B's turn to talk. My one rule of small group is that you're only allowed to talk when you're holding the Smencil. Sometimes the rule gets broken, but it works most of the time!}

We've welcomed two new pastors and said goodbye to one. When I sat down at my desk on the morning after Wade's last day, I found the parting gift that he left for me...the bottom of his office door sign!

Though I don't have pictures of the two new guys -- 'cuz it'd be a little bit weird for me to already have a picture of them, right? -- I can tell you a little bit about them...Rick is our Connections and Teaching Pastor. He'll be handling assimilation, home groups, and Care Ministries, and he will preach the majority of the time when Neil is out. His wife, Michelle, and I have teamed up to pick a paint color for Rick's office, and we also assembled a crib together, so things look promising so far. ü Geoff is our new Student Pastor. He commented on my Drew Holcomb shirt when we first met. So I'd say we're off to a good start! ;) Seriously, though, he has a desire to get to know each student and point them toward God. I like his ideas so far, and I'm hopeful that he will be good for our students and our church. I like his wife, Katelyn, and his kids are adorable. And his daughter's name is Ellie!

Speaking of Geoff...Cody and I joined a couple of his friends, our pastors, a couple of their wives, and a couple of other students to help Geoff's family move into their home yesterday afternoon. It's amazing how quickly things got done...we unloaded the moving truck, put belongings in each room, set up the beds, and hooked up the washer & dryer in less than an hour and a half! That seems crazy fast to me! And half of us were tired from having served all morning. Our Youth Associate, Matt, enlisted some of our students to finish a work project that hadn't been completed during DNOW weekend. We painted the trim of a home that belongs to a double-amputee. I think it's great that these students sacrificed the first morning (or more) of their Spring Break to serve.

And today I went to two baby showers and lunch with friends who were visiting from out of town. And I failed to take a picture of any of it! Gah! But a friend of one of the moms-to-be totally thought I was 24, so I'd say it was a great day! ;)

I hope y'all are doing well! I'm sorry I've been MIA here and on your blogs. I miss y'all and want to catch up with all that has been going on with y'all. As soon as I have some down time, I plan on catching up! ♥



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