(by Rebecca Black) 

It has been so long since I've posted that I didn't even know where to start, so I'm hoping you're happy to see that I'm still alive and will forgive me for posting this song! ;) I have quite a few things to fill you in on, but since it's Friday I thought I'd start with "Our Friday Thangs"...

On the last day of school, I told the kids to start thinking of things that they want to do on my days off this summer. Last summer we tended to sleep in on Fridays and didn't do as much fun stuff as I had hoped. So we have a few things in mind, and I plan on telling y'all about our days. I don't plan on each one being a separate post, but when I have the time and the pictures I'll do it that way. After our first adventure Elly asked me to post the pictures on Facebook, and Cody suggested that I call the album "Our Friday Thangs." So there you have it!

The first day of their summer happened to fall on a Friday, and we all decided to sleep in that day. We all had pretty busy afternoons on the last day of school (exploring The Village and all), and we were up pretty late. We did end up eating out for lunch and went to the mall for awhile. It was a chill, no agenda type of day, and it was nice!

The next Friday, though, we went to the beach! As is our tradition, we stopped at the square donut place on our way...

It was pretty windy, so we didn't go out too far for too long. We love the waves, but we also didn't want to drown...

It has been a long-time dream of Cody's to dig a big hole at the beach. I can't make all of his dreams come true, but this was manageable so I let him bring a legitimate shovel to do that!

Elly {my artist} loves drawing in the sand, so she spent a little bit of time doing that.

As is also our tradition, we headed to Mod Coffeehouse before heading home...

...and we were delighted to discover a cute new ice cream shop right next door!

We spent enough time at the beach to enjoy it, but it wasn't so much time that we got fried and/or totally exhausted. It was a really good day!

We may not do too much today since the kids got back from camp last night and just woke up! But I hope to fill you in on last Friday very soon!!



Brooke said…
love the beach!!! <3
Zion said…
Fun day with cute kids :)

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