"Poor Man's Son"

(by The Gundergsen Family) 

Ugh...I'm posting late again! I used to be way more dependable than this. I'm sorry! But to make up for it, I've posted this awesome song! I've been meaning to post some Noah Gundersen stuff for awhile now, but I've barely been posting for awhile now! This is the very first song that I heard of his {thank you, Laurien!} so I thought it would be the first I posted for y'all! ü

And now for the highlights of my week...

I don't know if I've mentioned Lindsay (the new children's ministry admin) before, but she's my new favorite! Not only is she friendly, cute, & a great singer, but she surprised me with coffee the other day. Just 'cuz she's sweet like that!

Amelia & I were sorta twinning at youth on Wednesday night :)

{Random fact: not sure if you can see them, but someone thought my nails were fake! As a former nail-biter, that was a huge deal!}

We got to hang out with Evie Kate on Thursday night while Clyde & Nicole got to see Tedeschi Trucks band!

She's so adorable, but Pepper wasn't quite sure what to think of her! :)

{Do you see her hiding under the table?!}

I got to attend a luncheon celebrating women in ministry on Friday! It was hosted by the Houston Graduate School of Theology, and it took place at The Junior League of Houston's beautiful facility. The food was delicious, and the company was even better! I failed to get a picture, though. [sad face] I went with Amy, Sam, Jana, Sally, Marcie, and Elaine. We sat at a table with Mark (a man from church who is on the board of HGST/the reason we were there) and two ladies who work with him. Funny story: Carol & Jeannie had arrived before Mark and introduced themselves to us. We didn't expect them to remember our names, but I said that it'd be pretty easy for them to remember mine & Amy's since we were sitting right next to each other. When Mark arrived, he asked Carol & Jeannie if they had met us, and Jeannie waved her hands and said, "They're all Amys!" :)

The kids were on a youth retreat over the weekend, so Christopher & I went on a couple of dates! He had a Chuy's gift card, so we used it on Friday night. Then on Saturday, we met up with Wade & Amy for bowling, dinner, and a movie!

And probably the best thing of all was that Anny's surgery was successful! I don't even think I've mentioned her on here, but I shared a bit of her situation on Instagram and Facebook. She is a precious little friend of mine in India, and she had a growth on her liver. It was very serious and would have most certainly killed her if she did not have surgery. Her family could not afford the surgery, but God provided! Last night/this morning, she underwent a six-hour surgery, and she is now on the road to recovery! There is a possibility of recurrence, so please join me in praying for a speedy recovery and no recurrence. Thank you!

[photo credit: Nicole P. Fotografie]

I hope y'all have a great week! ♥



Laurien said…
I take complete credit for introducing you to the song for this week. :)

Zion said…
So glad to hear about Anny. I am also glad to hear I am not the only blogger who doesn't manage to photograph everything. I don't know how people can do both that and be in the moment all the time!
Brooke said…
Red cup season already??
Praying for anny!

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