"Happy Birthday Amy"

(by XY Unlimited)

I had such a great birthday that ended up becoming more of a birthday week! :) I feel really loved on/around my birthday, which is why I like it so much! Some people just happen to know my birthday, but the majority of the birthday greetings we receive these days are because of Facebook. I don't really care how people know it's my birthday. I'm just happy that they take the time to say something! :)

This post from Laurien started my day on a positive note:

{& I just realized that I never told y'all about New Mexico!}

When I got to work, these were on (and in) my desk:

(from Mister Christopher)

Evie Kate brought me cookies (by way of her dad)...

...and helped me answer the phones for a few minutes! :)

Sam stopped to get me coffee on her way in to work! :)

And Lance brought me these delicious cupcakes!!

{He said yesterday that if he didn't know me, he'd think I'm an egomaniac with all of my birthday celebrations! Y'all know I'm only like this for a week to ten days out of the year!} &uuml

Grace (one of my girls) dropped by work and gave me chocolatey goodness:

Laurien took me out for dinner at a quaint little place in Houston! We also went to Trader Joe's and discovered their Kona Coffee Creamy half-dipped Shortbread Cookies:

When I got home, my family had the following nice gifts for me to open!

And that was just my actual birthday!! :)

The following Sunday, my family went to Pappadeaux for lunch after church! The picture with my dessert is a little dark, so here's one of me while we were waiting for our table:

And my birthday girls took me out for one last celebration last night! Next time, we really need to take a picture of all of us {not just me with dessert!}

After I got home, I took a picture of all the wonderful goodies they gave me!

There was a bit of an India theme (including an elephant item from two out of the three girls), which I thought it was super! :) I had intended on taking a better picture of me wearing my shirt and necklace today, but I forgot and have already changed for bed. You can still get an idea of how cute they are in this picture I took earlier:

Do you love birthdays as much as I do?! ♥



Anonymous said…
Elllllllly! I know u but u dont know me!
Anonymous said…
Amy please have elly respond
To this��
Zion said…
That comment is a little freaky. I'm just saying. Anyway, lovely photos. SO. MUCH. CHOCOLATE. I guess you'll be set until your next birthday. Or maybe Christmas. I loved the video. I definitely want to steal that and send to someone having a birthday.
Brooke said…
so glad you had a great birthWEEK!! you deserve it!!!

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