"All About Us"

(by He is We, feat. Owl City) 

I've had a super great week! If you see my pics on social networks, there won't be much in this post that you don't already know. I forgot to tell y'all that I decided to do the 100 Happy Days challenge, so I've been posting pics on Instagram every day since June 1st. Challenges are one way to get me to take more pictures, but I should be using my real camera instead of my phone. Phone pics are better than nothing, though, right?! Ü

Before I forget...the Preauthorization Game has begun. I would thoroughly appreciate your prayers for insurance to approve the correct scans and for me to trust God and be anxious for nothing. Thank you! ♥

Alright, on to the happy things...

One thing I haven't posted on IG yet is a picture of new curtains that make my kitchen much brighter!

I also got a new office chair that is more comfy than my old one & provides more support for my aching back! :)

My sweet kids put it together for me while I was finishing up some work one day this week. And because Cody can't help himself, he had to see if he could fit inside the box...

None of the boys that I work with had been to Tornado Burger until this week. A couple of them went there after I told them about it, and they brought back some lunch for me!

{I don't know if I've told y'all that I'm a little bit spoiled, but you've probably figured it out by now!}

Cody went to his friend's one day, so Elly & I decided to have a girl day. We picked Kiya up and took her to a candy shop...

...and we watched What a Girl Wants that night, which (quite appropriately for the day) has one of my favorite movie lines in it. I've mentioned it before, but I'll tell you it again:

Dude, it's chocolate. Need I say more?

We got to be a part of a surprise party for Desiree's 50th birthday last night!!

There was good BBQ, good music, good conversations & a photo booth! :) The kids & I posed with our "adopted" kid Chris!

Today there was a little volleyball tournament at the Warehouse. I'm not coordinated enough to play, but I am quite capable of watching, cheering, and loving on babies while their parents play! :) I got to hang out with Brett & Jessica's little cutie...

...and precious Evie Kate, who belongs to Clyde & Nicole! :)

{Clyde brings her to work sometimes, but she's almost always sleeping. I keep telling him that I think she needs to be awake sometime so I can hang out with her! I mean, seriously, she's adorable! And I think she likes to hang out with me, too!} ;)

That's almost all the excitement of my week. A bunch of the students & volunteers met up for dinner & a movie one night, but I didn't manage to get any pictures of that. I watched the movie with a new girl who I look forward to getting to know better, and I ate with Madison {who calls me "Just Amy" to avoid the polite-but-not-necessary habit of calling me "Miss Amy" ~> I tell her that I'll punch her in the face is she says "Miss", so sometimes she ends up calling me "Mamy"! Marcie (or anyone, for that matter), in case you're concerned, I really wouldn't ever punch her in the face!}

I hope y'all are having a super great weekend! ♥



Brooke said…
praying for you all! both the preauth, procedure, and the scanxiety!

true story, when our new kitchen cabinets were being installed i crawled into one. just to see if i'd fit. i did. love that drawer!
Zion said…
You didn't play volleyball at the Lighthouse? Or Midlothian Christian Fellowship? ;) Sounds like a great week.

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