"Password Rant"

(by Tobuscus)

Yes, I'm aware of the fact that today's video isn't a song. But this is my blog, and I make the rules around here. So today I'm posting a funny video instead. I also thought I'd post a funny story, but I can pretty much guarantee that the video is funnier! Anyways...

Awhile back, I was having trouble setting up online access to a new bank account. I kept trying over the course of a few days, because I thought there was a glitch in the website that would be fixed. But that was not the case, so I stopped by the bank to get some help with the issue from a very nice bank employee whom we'll call Dilbert. [name has been changed to protect the innocent]

Unfortunately Dilbert couldn't get it to work, either, even after calling a support line. We would get six or seven steps into the process, and then we'd get an error message and have to start over. He would type things into his computer, then he'd hand his keyboard off to me to enter a password. After several rounds, we would encounter the situation at around the 45 second mark of today's video. Because I had tried many times (at home and at the bank), all of my normal variations of passwords had been used up!

After about 30 minutes, we gave up for the day. It was a weekend, and they were about to close. Dilbert said he'd talk to somebody higher up in the support center on Monday & would call me after that. He did as he said he would do, and I tried again to no avail.

When I had the chance a few days later, I stopped by the bank. Dilbert and I tried a bit of a different process, yet we still couldn't get it all to work. When I was at a loss as to what password to try, he said he'd enter one that I wouldn't have used and I could change it later. I watched him type something in, then he looked up at me with a startled expression.

I realized what he must have typed: Dilbert123. And the computer had told him that the new password must not have been used in the past year (or something along those lines). I said, "See! I told you I was out of passwords!" He was surprised, and I was slightly embarrassed. But he said I earned some cool points for using his name in my password! ;)

For the record, I was never able to obtain online access. Apparently their website doesn't care about cool points! Have you ever encountered frustrating password situations?



Brooke said…
i have a curse word in my bank password b/c i was soooooooooo frustrated with all their rules.
Zion said…
That video is hilarious and yes I have encountered that problem. I was laughing when he said "Go Daddy does this NO DADDY, don't do this!" It is so annoying. I hate it when you accidentally type your password into the username, or area code slot and so you can see the letters of your password (instead of being ***** stars or whatever) I feel like I've been exposed and have to cover my naked self when I've done that. And yes, about the captcha "I don't even know if I am human anymore."
Zion said…
Oh and one more thing. Have you ever NOT been able to type in the captcha because go figure it is impossible to read!? So you click on the hearing option (the little megaphone speaker icon)? It is FREAKY! I can't do it, not only can I not understand it, but I would probably have nightmares if I listened to it all the way through. If anyone ever needs to use torture methods to get information out of me, use that captcha voice I will crack!

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