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I've used today's song before, but today's post is:

So I thought I'd share 700 things you may not know about me...just kidding! How about 7?!
  1. I always return the grocery cart to its designated area.
  2. I can't handle plungers. I seriously can't even think about them without gagging. I don't know how to use them, either, so if the kids have need of it I just shut their bathroom door until someone else can deal with it. And once used, I don't want a plunger in my house. I have been known to dispose of one after it has been used. We keep ours upstairs so I don't have to look at it.
  3. I regularly break dental floss. My teeth are incredibly close to each other, which makes flossing difficult. My dental hygienist comments on this every time I go for a cleaning. She even said that she wouldn't blame me for not flossing every day, but then she quickly said that I need to anyways. :/
  4. Every time I see a taco truck, I want to stop & get a taco. I never have done it, but one of these days I will...
  5. My belly button is pierced. Please don't judge me. I know that navel rings have gone the way of "Tramp Stamps" & such, but I've just never taken mine out. They weren't seen as "trampy" when I got mine. Plus, nobody ever sees it. I've only taken it out a couple of times (for x-rays), & each time I think that I'll just leave it out. But my belly always looks so strange to me without it that I end up putting it back in. Maybe next time...
  6. When I was a little kid, I told people my name was Kerry (my brother's name). I'm not sure why I did that! When I ended up in middle school with a set of triplets who I had gone to daycare with (five or six years earlier), they remembered me as Kerry!
  7. Cockroaches horrify & disgust me. I seriously can't handle them & could probably write an entire blog post full of my cockroach horror stories. And I'm not exaggerating! Those disgusting creatures lived under the sidewalk of the house we rented for four years, and they'd freak me out when I would come home after dark. I may or may not have called Christopher from the car (more than once) & asked him to come and carry me inside, because I couldn't bring myself to walk in the middle of them. Blech! Seriously. I can't handle them. I was also tormented by them in the home where I lived when Chris & I were dating. They literally gave me nightmares. I could tell y'all several terrible stories from that time period, but I'm gagging just thinking about it right now. Maybe I'll talk about that part of life when I can stomach it. Gag.
I guess that's all the randomness I have for you today! Do you have seven random things that you'd like to share with me? Or maybe just one?



Brooke said…
i've never seen a taco truck, but now i want a taco for lunch!
sally said…
What about the cockroaches in the van that day.
Zion said…
This is great. I did not know that you had your belly button pierced! That would have been funny to have 700, although very challenging. I can't really even think of one right now. Hmmm... Jeremy's youngest sister is about to become a grandma, which means all 4 of Jeremy's sisters are grandparents. Kind of weird considering where we are at in life.
happy 700th post! :)

i always return the grocery cart too. that is funny that you told people a different name! lol i agree... cockroaches are beyond gross.

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