"Tea and Cake"

(by The Lovelies) Tea & Cake - The Tuff of the Tracks

[Disclaimer: I have absolutely no idea what this song is about. I should've taken the time to listen to it more, but I didn't. Please forgive me if there's something offensive that I overlooked!]

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On the way to Julie's Bachelorette Party on Friday, Jana & I stopped at the Teacake Factory. Julie loves teacakes, but Jana didn't have time to make any before the party. So it gave us an excuse to visit another bakery! :)

I was super excited to see that they had Peanut Butter Chocolate frappes!! Chocolate + peanut butter = my most favorite food combination in the whole entire world! And you can't get this type of frappe very many places...

Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as the frappes I've had before. It makes me sad, too, because the place where I used to get them is no longer in business. So I had hoped that I had found a new place to get them...Anyways, back to the teacakes! In all honestly, I didn't keep up with all of the flavors that we got. Nor did I get a sampling of each of them. I'm sorry, but we had other stuff going on! They're pretty, though, right?!

I think we got a few red velvet, a couple of chocolate chip, a chocolate dipped, a few original, and a few others like maybe cherry & orange. Sadly, we didn't get peanut butter because we didn't realize they had it until our box was full. And yes, you see a broken one. We forgot to take a picture until after our bachelorette tried a piece of it:

We took the remaining teacakes to the Astros game on Saturday. {Thank you, Jim Crane, for allowing us to bring food into the game now!} We called these The Traveling Teacakes! :)

Yum! Do you like teacakes?



Laura said…
I have been wanting to try that place! I have never had a tea cake before.
Zion said…
I've never even heard of a teacake let alone known there is a whole factory!

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