"June First"

(by Mortal) June First - Wake

I'm sure you never expected me to post a Mortal song, but I actually liked this one back in the day. Yes, they sound a little off-key. But they were usually yelling, so we'll give them a break. I guess this album was an attempt at doing a little more singing. My mister was a Mortal fan when we were dating, and he dubbed this "our song". After we set our wedding date & had the invitations printed, we realized that June 1st was a Saturday. Neither one of us knows why we didn't look earlier, but we think it's because we were set on getting married when we were both 20. We only had two weekends that we could do it, and we were happy with the one that we chose at the time. But we've always said that we should've gotten married on this day, because of the song. I tried to find it when I first started my "Through the Years" series, but it wasn't available digitally. A few months ago, I decided to try again, and...ta da! Except that I forgot to actually post this yesterday! {Doh! I worked two days in a row, so give me a break! I'm not so great at keeping my life in order when I'm working!} Anyways, rather than waiting an entire year, I figured y'all would forgive me for posting this a day late! :)



Zion said…
That is so cute. I think I know that songs. My brothers probably listened to them.

-In response to your response to my response (he he). You actually inspired me and I am working on a little series involving being able to talk about the subject of loosing loved ones.
Brooke said…
who's mortal??
me<--clueless geek

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