"You've Got a Friend"

(by James Taylor) You've Got a Friend - James Taylor: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

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I know y'all must think I'm rather quirky, but I decided to do another "friends' theme songs" post! In my last one, most of the songs I mentioned had to do with my friends' names. That's definitely the case a lot of the time. Like with my college friend Jesse ~ as you would expect, his name has always induced random outbursts of Rick Springfield's "Jesse's Girl".

I've also been known to serenade my brother Kerry with Europe's "Carrie".

And every other time I say sweet Layla's name, I start singing Eric Clapton's song!

But other friends' songs don't have their names in them at all. They are associated with a memory or the lyrics have some special meaning. I've already told you about Karikins' song "For You" and how my beautiful cousin Kendra & I are "One and the Same".

There are others, but for now I'll share just one more...

It's funny how one moment can cause you to never think of a song in the same way. This is really random, but my high school friend Kim & I always said that "I Got You Babe" was our song! It goes back to an extremely minuscule moment in the grand scheme of life, but it's one instance when the habit of bursting out in song resulted in a lifelong memory. One evening about 20 years ago (cough, cough) we were volunteering in the concession stand at the baseball field ~ where we spent every spare moment of time. A couple of the other girls let us know that they had plans the next night of the tournament, so Kim & I would be volunteering on our own. That song came to mind, and it has been "ours" ever since! Yes, I know it's a love song! But seriously, to this day I can't hear it without thinking of her, & I can't think of her without thinking of the song.

I have some more stories that I plan to tell you later, but I want to hear from YOU! Do have a song that you simply can't hear without thinking of a certain someone?



RR Mama said…
Hubs' name is Christian and when ever the song Sister Christian by Night Ranger comes on the kids and I always sing it at the top of our lungs. He can't stand that song and he really doesn't like it when we sing it. But it's so funny!
Zion said…
"Don't Speak" by No Doubt, makes me think of one of my best friends in Kentucky. It may be silly, but there are certainly some songs that my dramatic little teenage heart had attached to certain guys that I had feelings for.
Brooke said…
my dad and i danced to "almost home" by craig morgan at my wedding - i constantly made fun of him for liking that horrible tune, so every time it came on the radio i'd call him. when it came time to choose a father/daughter dance i couldn't help but choose a song about a homeless man who just wishes he could die. :D

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