"Whatever It Is"

(by Zac Brown Band) Whatever It Is - The Foundation (Deluxe Version)

I haven't been around all week, and I haven't been listening to much music! So in lieu of my usual Scrobbled Saturday post, I thought I'd share a little about our Spring Break! The kids & I went to see Uncle Dan & Aunt Sheryl at the lake from Sunday until Thursday. When we got there, we were surprised to find out that they had a couple of their grandkids there, and their other two grandkids came on Tuesday! I had the pleasure of taking care of all 6 kids for a few hours, and they all played SO well together!

Cody & Josiah loved taking the canoe out!

We had a cookout one night and roasted hot dogs & marshmallows. The little girls were adorable ~ after Layla had dropped her 2nd marshmallow (out of 3), she plopped down on the log & said, "I will NEVER have a marshmallow!" Mackenzie tried to help her out by saying, "How bout this Layla: you cook your marshmallow & I'll carry it on the plate. I only dropped ONE of my marshmallows!" Cute, huh?!

I enjoyed relaxing on the dock & watching everyone canoe, fish, swing & text! {Yes, my girl had her phone with her every second except for when she took the canoe out!} I also did plenty of eating, a little reading, & I didn't put on makeup for THREE days!

My mister was able to get tickets to the Rodeo, so we picked him up shortly after we got back in town on Thursday. My camera battery had died at the lake, so I wasn't able to take any pics while we were at the Rodeo. Chris took a couple on his phone of me with my funnel cake & Elly with her turkey leg, though.

My dad met us up there just in time to see Zac Brown Band. They put on a good concert, but the kids weren't huge fans! Their only comments had to do with the amount of times he used bad words! ヅ

Elly's friend Melody came over yesterday. I meant to take a picture, but I completely forgot! Amy & Alex also came over, so we each had a friend to hang out with! Then today, Chris & Cody went go-cart riding with Wade & Alex while Elly & I hung out with Amy & watched Food Network shows that she had recorded. One recipe looked so good that we decided to make it! We ran to HEB to pick up a few of the ingredients that she didn't have on hand. See, our mindless TV can be great if we produce something positive from it, right?!

Well, that's all folks! I could've posted a bunch more pictures, but I didn't want to bore you! Spring Break has gone by super fast, & I'm SO not looking forward to getting up early on Monday! I hope y'all are having a super great weekend!!



Zion said…
I think we've talked about this before, but you can't always be taking pictures, you have to be able to just relax and enjoy. This is something I struggle with, sigh. Glad to see you all had a good spring break. Those kids are awesome, what a blessing.
Zion said…
RYC: WEIRD!!! I love it :D

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