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This post is dedicated to a wonderful woman whose life ended too soon. Mama Beth passed away 15 years ago today ~ just 5 1/2 months before she was to become my mother-in-law. She was only 36 years old and had suffered kidney failure 14 years earlier (when my mister was only 6). Though I was only blessed to know her for about a year & 1/2, I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to love & be loved by her. The last year of her life, she was only home from the hospital for about four months. Most of mine & Christopher's dates consisted of grabbing some dinner and going to the hospital. Maybe they weren't the most "exciting", but I wouldn't trade those dates for anything. I really looked forward to being her daughter-in-law.

One of my favorite memories of Mama Beth was the day I picked up my wedding dress. As my bridesmaid Kasey & I were passing the exit to the hospital, I made a spur of the moment decision to stop by the hospital & show it to Beth. She wanted me to put the dress on, and of course I did! The nurses took turns coming in to see me in it, and Beth was so excited! Her sister-in-law called while I was there, & she excitedly told her she was going to have to call her back later because I was there with the wedding dress! I don't know how long I wore it that day, with Kasey holding the back together so everyone could get the full effect. (It was 3 or 4 sizes too big, but I only paid $100 for it! I had a seamstress friend who took the bodice apart & pieced it back together to make it fit). Anyways, I'm SO glad I stopped by that day, because she wasn't going to be able to see me walk down the aisle in it (though I didn't know it at the time). The nurses told me at the funeral that she never stopped talking about that day.

Mama Beth was an amazing woman who loved the Lord. Her faith was very evident to the end. Her strength & perseverance inspired everyone who knew her. She is still very much missed & loved.

This picture is my mister (when he was 3 or 4) with his beautiful mom!

{Please ignore his atrocious shirt!}



What a beautiful post Amy. Such a special woman and what a blessing to have had her in your life. What a precious day the day you showed her your wedding dress. It is special moments like that, later down the road, you see why they happened the way they did. Happy Valentine's Day Amy!
RR Mama said…
Beautiful mememory of a very loved woman. I know, looking back, you are very glad you stopped by that day. And yes we will forgive your Mister for that horrible horrible shirt! Back then it should have been a Houston Oilers shirt.
Brooke said…
how great that she got to see the dress and feel included even though she really couldnt be a part of the planning

i always regret that jay never got to meet my mamaw. how sad that your kids never got to meet such a wonderful grandmother!

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