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It is NEDA Week once again!

This is a week that I hold near & dear to my heart, because it's all about preventing eating disorders & body image issues. This week is also devoted to reducing the stigma surrounding eating disorders and improving access to treatment. The theme for this year is: It's Time to Talk About It. I wholeheartedly agree! With the unrealistic body image messages that are so prevalent today, we need more people to rise up and talk about this! Or as NEDA urges, do just one thing to make a diference.

It has been a couple of years since I told my story on here, so I decided to re-post it over the next few days. I don't mean to bore those of you who already know it, but I feel like this week is an important time to do it.

If you struggle with your body image, there's a great list of 20 WAYS TO LOVE YOUR BODY on the NEDA website.

Now if you'll bear with me, I have a special message for a young woman who left me a comment a couple of weeks ago...Lindsay, If you're reading this, I want to let you know that I have been praying for you ever since. & I would LOVE to be in contact with you! I know your struggle, and I'd love to be a part of your support system. Maybe I could help find somebody near you that could be a part of that support, too. I've added the "Email Me" button near the top of my sidebar. I'd love for you to email me, so I can have a way to communicate with you personally. I know that you can beat this, too!



Brooke said…
this is such a scary - important topic. thank you for sharing your story with us. i might not be able to comment this week, but wanted to say you are gorgeous!
Zion said…
Such a big issue. I spoke on this topic to some degree at a youth conference recently. It's something that affects so many woman.
RR Mama said…
Huge topic! It's one reason I love the Dove commercials. It's something that affects more people than we think. Thank you for sharing.

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