"Live to Party"

(by the Jonas Brothers) Jonas Brothers - Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience (Soundtrack) - Live to Party

I haven't listened to much music this week, so you get to hear the one thing I've been hearing alot in the last 24 hours: the Jonas theme song! {It was either that or one of the songs that the kids play repeatedly on Guitar Hero!} My baby girl turns 11 tomorrow, & she got the first season of the Jonas TV show for her birthday. She watched the whole thing (plus the bonus episodes) at her sleepover last night & this morning {thus, the reason I've been hearing the theme song}.

For Elly's birthday party, she wanted a black & pink theme like last year. She said she wanted some guitars on the plates & such, but I told her we would probably just have to do pink & black stuff. I was so happy when I found these cute napkins at Target:

& here are the goodie baskets:

Speaking of Elly, I finished decorating her room this week!

& the hall bathroom...

& I finished our bathroom a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't post pictures yet 'cuz I thought y'all would laugh at me for decorating my bathroom before anything else!

I'll post more pictures as I finish the rooms!


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