"Live Life Loud"

(by Hawk Nelson)

I FINALLY got the new Hawk Nelson album! It's been out for a couple of weeks, but I've been a little busy! ;) Today's song is the title track. I'm not even gonna pretend to know what the video has to do with the song! There are a few serious songs (about God, growing up, losing a loved one, etc.) & a couple of random ones ('cuz they're a punk band ~> who else would write a little song about The Calgary Flames winning the Stanley cup?!). Overall, I like it, but I haven't picked a favorite yet. There's one called "Shaken" that may be the one. We'll see...

I hope y'all have had a good week! Mine wasn't quite as busy as the one before, but I haven't caught up on my sleep yet. {It doesn't help that I stayed out too late last night for Ladies' Game Night at the church.} I think National Night Out went well on Tuesday! We had about 10-15 families show up. One neighbor ended up staying until about 10:30, & he really likes my mister. So that's cool! I was able to talk to one of my brothers on their birthday. My dad saw "the baby", and he took my love & birthday wishes with him. I called Ivar & left him a message, & HE ACTUALLY CALLED ME BACK!! That totally made my day! We only talked for a few minutes (probably during a smoke break at work!), but I was so glad to have the chance to talk to him!

My babies had early dismissal on Thursday & Friday. Their new school does parent/teacher conferences for their first report card. I don't quite understand why some parents don't want to meet with their child's teacher; but apparently that's the case sometimes, so this is one way to get parents up there! I didn't actually get to meet with either of my kids' teachers, though. Cody's was sick, so I met with his afternoon teacher (who loves him, of course!), & my meeting with Elly's teacher is next week. They really are good kids, so I don't expect any behavior issues. Cody's grades were great, & as far as I know, Elly's are good, too! For their afternoons off, we did exciting things like get flu shots & go to the chiropractor! We also went to The Chocolate Bar on Thursday, & Cody's friend came over yesterday. Oh, & I went to the brand new Kroger near my house. Such excitement!!

We had one crazy mishap yesterday: during a torrential downpour, a big gust of wind apparently blew the grill off the back patio & broke it to pieces! It looks like a small car accident. It knocked over a couple of potted plants, & an iron trellis was completely bent over. The plants are fine, but the poor grill will never recover. May Mr. Perfect Flame rest in peace. Well, I'm off to hang out with my family. I hope y'all have a great weekend!


Brooke said…
i really like their music :)

we're getting a lot of rain around here too. not quite the flooding of our georgia neighbors, but more that i'd like

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