"Hometown Glory"

(by Adele)

Amy and the kids are up at the lake this weekend. So, Amy asked me to handle the heavy responsibility of posting this weeks Scrobbled Saturday. She said I could do whatever I wanted. I'm not sure what that means, but I appreciate the "all-access pass".

Since I don't normally do this, I have not been keeping track of what song I've listened to the most this week. I really just hit shuffle all and let iTunes decide for me what I should listen to. So, instead, I guess I'll just post a song that I've been crunching on lately.

Hometown Glory by Adele is about her love for the city of London. I happen to like London too. I originally heard about Adele from the iTunes free single of the week. I check there regularly to see up and coming artists, or just artists that I'm not familiar with. I also just like to get free stuff.

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