"Good Vibrations"

(by The Beach Boys)

I must say I was genuinely surprised to see that this was the song I listened to the most this week! I don't know if I was in a Beach Boys mood, or what, but here you go! Of course, this week has been super busy, as we've been settling in to the new house. The kids & I are happy to have 20 extra minutes of sleep, without the lengthy drive to school each morning. My friend (& now neighbor!) Jana has already come over to borrow an egg! We're all moved in, but now I have to figure out where everything goes! I feel like we're making progress. Of course, we still have a long way to go! I'll post more pictures as areas are complete. For now, I'll leave you with moving day pictures from Amy B (her family was a HUGE help to us during this process!), plus a couple of my favorite parts of the new house!

Here are the kids (with Alex) by the moving truck

This is where the boys tried to stay out of the movers' way!

Me with my girl in her room

Here's our whole family in the entry way!

Kim helped me set up my scrapbook closet yesterday!

My beautiful new bathtub {& cute pup!}
From the album House


Anonymous said…
that is SO great! maybe one day we'll come that way for a visit :)

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