"Handful Of Weeds"

(by Sherri Easter)

"Four years old with dirt on my face
I'd been out in the yard
Pickin' dandelions all day
I burst through the front door
When I'd gathered enough
To give to my mom to show her my love
When I held out my hands
She looked down at me
She said, "I've never seen flowers as beautiful as these"

She's the one who told me about Jesus
She's the one who taught me to sing
She deserves an armful of roses
She's satisfied with a handful of weeds

Now that I'm older and out on my own
I wish I could find more time
To make it back home
I could've done better, I know in my heart
Than to scribble a note on a last minute card
And then she calls on the phone
The first thing she says
Is "I've read this card over and over again"


She's always known
What true love means
And I want her to know
What she means to me


I had never heard of this song until a teenager sang it at church this morning. There's more to it than the clip I found for my playlist, so I posted all of the lyrics. I thought it was a great song to post for my mom today. I love you, Mom. Happy Mothers' Day!


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