"Give Until There's Nothing Left"

(by Relient K) Give Until There's Nothing Left - Five Score and Seven Years Ago

"No one told me the right way
The right way to go about this
So I'll figure it out for myself
Cuz how much is too much to give You?
Well I may never know
So I'll just give until there's nothing else

Yeah I'll give give give (until there's nothing else)
Give my life (until it all runs out)
Give give (and I'll have no regrets)
I'll give until there's nothing left
I'll give

No one told me how bad I need You
But I somehow arrived at that conclusion all by myself
And I want all You have to offer
So I offer myself and I'll just give until there's nothing else


Sometimes it seems like all I ever do
Is ask for things
Until I ask too much of you
But that's not the way I wanna live
I need to change
Yeah something's got to give
Yeah something's got to


I just wanted to share something that made me smile today. I believe I alluded to a hefty tax bill last month, so we are trying even harder to not spend ANY extra money. Well, nothing HUGE happened today, but it was nice to be reminded that God cares about the little things...

Elly has a Scholastic book order due tomorrow, & she has the perfect book picked out. She told me that she has a credit for something she ordered last month that was out of stock; but she has no clue of the value of said credit. So, in this wonderful, technologically advanced world that we live in, I emailed her teacher. Elly's book was only worth $3, but her teacher has an additional credit for $5 [that Scholastic gave HER to replace the book Elly ordered ~ I'm not sure how it works, but that's what she told me]. So, she wants Elizabeth to use that credit, too, for a total of $8. Guess how much Elly's desired book costs? You guessed it: $8. How cool is that?!

This was just a small reminder of how giving God is. I seem to always be asking Him for stuff, but this time He gave before I ever thought to ask. And it makes me want to give back to Him in whatever way that I can.


Zion said…
That is really cool. It's true that God does care about every little thing and what is really great is that you thought enough of it to give him praise.

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