"This Madness"

(by Pure NRG--yep, that's right: Pure NRG!)

"There are some questions that I've been meaning to ask You
I found them swimming around in my brain
I know you promised that nothing is beyond You
So I better ask before I go insane (he goes)

Why do I do what I don't wanna do
When I don't do the things that I know really should do
I'm a walking contradiction of the things that I do
and the things that I say I believe
Well You know the way I wanna be
And I know that's the kind of God You are
Somehow You can see the beauty in this mess
Only You can make sense of this madness

(Check it out)
That sounds so simple you'd think I'd understand it
Maybe it just takes some time for the truth to sink in
I know Your mercies are new with every morning
So everyday I'm going pray this prayer all over again (he goes)

Only You can make sense of this madness..."

So I've decided that I don't want to be stuck in Romans 7 where I don't do what I know I should do. I want to move on to Romans 8, where I allow the Holy Spirit to take control. I've been a Christian almost as long as I've been alive, and I've used Romans 7 as an excuse long enough. My Uncle Chris (who is a pastor & also the father of my favorite cousin) talked about this last month, and I've been sorta mulling it over for awhile now. I think I've been trying to figure this whole thing out & trying to make it all work, rather than just allowing the Holy Spirit to change me from the inside (where He lives, therefore where He can work better than I could ever TRY to work). I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I've used the word "work" alot here, and that's been my main problem. I know that my Christian life isn't about work, but I've been trying to DO something to make myself desire to spend time with God, rather than just spending time with Him & letting Him build up my NEW self. I think I forgot that the sinful self is my OLD self. I've been doubleminded, and James 1 calls me unstable. Well, I'm tired of being unstable, and I'm ready for the life & peace that comes with being controlled by the Holy Spirit.


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