"No Excuses"


How 'bout this?! It's a Saturday, and I'm posting! Granted, I'm a week behind, but still...

Just when I thought things were settling down a bit after school track season ended, we signed Cody up for summer track and have resumed the busyness! I wouldn't trade it, though, because it's so beneficial to my boy. Plus it's benefiting me, too, because I've been walking (and occasionally jogging) with the other moms! Cody's first meet went well! His 4x800 relay team came in first, and he came in third in the 1500. This was his first time to run it, and I figured he should run somewhere in the 4:43-4:48 range. He ran it in 4:47!

One of our church members offered their suite at Constellation Field for the staff to have a little outing!

While Don & Deb were out of town, I got to take care of Gracie, the softest, fluffiest cat in the world!

I had a nice Mother's Day! My family made lunch for me before we went to my mom's. My brother and his family met us there, but I'm sad to say that I didn't think to take any pictures. And the teenagers didn't take any selfies...what?! The kids humored me by taking a picture after church, though! ü

My sweet boy said that he didn't have anything for me but a hug...

And my baby girl got me a coffee mug that I've been wanting and made a yummy dessert that night!

They also gave me a little shopping spree at my favorite garden center!

Laurien received a job offer this week, so we celebrated with peanut butter and chocolate!

{not that we actually need a reason for peanut butter and chocolate!}

I suppose that's all for now! I hope y'all are having a great weekend and that you have a super great week! ♥



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