"Live While We're Young"


Hello there! I'm still here! I think about y'all a lot and desire to keep up with y'all, I promise. Maybe things will slow down and allow me to blog somewhat regular one day?? Until then, I'll try to catch y'all up on the fun happenings of late...

If we're friends on any sort of social media, you probably saw that my family took a mini-vacay!!

I have every intention to tell y'all ALL about it within the week, and I'm hoping that by setting a timeframe it'll actually happen! ü

Aside from that...

Baby girl got a sassy new haircut!

We held our first Ridiculous Tricks & Skits at the Warehouse...

For a glimpse of the ridiculousness of the night, watch part of this video of the winners:

Cody went to the park with his friend Allen and Allen's younger siblings and friends one day. He took a bunch of selfies with Shay & Asher, and the following one was too cute for y'all not to see! :)

Speaking of Cody, we celebrated his half-birthday with snow cones (for the second year in a row):

My friend Ashley is moving, which makes me sad. What makes me happy, though, is that her son Jake invited me to his going away party!! I snagged this photo from his Instagram:

Christopher had a birthday, so he's as old as I am for a couple of weeks! We all had other obligations on his actual birthday, and the kids both had different things happening the weekend beforehand, so we had two separate birthday dinners. Chris, Cody, and I ate at Ragin' Cajun the Saturday night before, and Chris, Elly, and I ate at Sam's that Sunday.

Elly & I do fun things in Houston when we we're in town. She wanted Chinese food last time we were there, so we went to a dumpling house that had a neat dragon on the wall. You may not really care, but I thought I'd show you anyways!

And the reason why I thought today's songs was fitting...

I took Cody to the doctor today, and the medical assistant was hesitant to ask if I was his mom because she thought I might be his sister!! #WinningAtLife

I hope y'all are having a great week, and I hope to catch up with y'all soon! ♥



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