"God With Us"

(by Ross King) 

I'm just going to be honest and say that last week wasn't my favorite. There were actually quite a few positive things, though, so we're just going to talk about them...

I got a case of my favorite carbonated beverage from my Sneaky Santa!

A couple of my co-workers & I had a little de-stressing/distressing party!

{this is a desk that's going to be in the children's building SOON!}

The little party happened on the morning of scans, which was a great day to beat up a desk! Speaking of scans, my friend Ashley came to the Med Center with us for Christopher's scans. They've never gone by so quickly! It was so great to have someone sit with me and keep me company! Now we await results for another couple of days...I'll keep y'all posted!

My friend Twila brought me a delicious cupcake!!

We had a Tacky Christmas Shindig for the students on Friday night!

Nicole had a birthday/going away party on Saturday night. There are several pictures taken me with & a few friends, but the only one I have in my possession is this one of my friend/neighbor Chris & me saying, "What are YOU doing here?" to each other! :)

{We sound sorta like this. Random, I know, but it's our "thing"...}

We had our annual Community Group Christmas party last night! {Natalie, I made your chocolate mint cookies, and they were so good!} Davy didn't make an appearance for the first time in years...

...But adorable Evie Kate looks much cuter on the piano than Davy did! ;)

I guess that's all for now! I really am going to try to post on the actual weekend next time, maybe even sooner. We'll see! I hope y'all have a great week!! ♥



Brooke said…
{{{{hugs}}}} email me if you need to chat!
also? you're so cute you make that sweater look hip and trendy! :)
Zion said…
I have times that I have had so many bad depressing things happen, but I don't feel like venting and like you said I just FOCUS ON THE GOOD and write about that. It's fine if you ever want to let it all out, but I am the same way. I totally feel ya. The tacky party looks awesome and Hooray for mint cookies. I had one of my leftover ones this morning (oops).

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