"Together at Christmas"

(by moe.) 

Together AT Christmas by moe. on Grooveshark

I don't know why I picked the song for today, but I sorta like it. I know that Christmas is over, but I'm about to talk about Christmas. Good enough reason, no? We have actually finished our Christmas gatherings already! I'd say it's a record, but I don't think it actually counts since we didn't go to Dallas or anywhere. But we have seen a mixture of my family (my dad & his new wife, my brother & his family, and my mom & G) on at least three separate occasions over the past week. That's pretty impressive considering the fact that it has taken until mid-January to accomplish that in prior years. I didn't take pictures at Dad's or Mom's, but the laser tag girl took a picture of us when we hung out with my brother's family on Thursday:

And because I haven't posted any pictures from Christmas morning yet, here you go...

I still have much to say about my trip to India, but I came home with a horrible cold in addition to the jet lag from which I am still trying to recover. I fully intend to tell you everything that I can about India. It just may take a little while. It also may take several posts, but I need the time to sit down and write them.

I hope y'all are having a super great weekend! ♥



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