"High School"

(by Superchick) 

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So my kiddos started school yesterday, and I seriously can't believe quickly they're growing up! I think I say that every year, but this year was a bigger deal than any year yet!

First of all, my baby girl started high school!!

What?! I'm not gonna lie...I didn't handle this as well as I thought I would. I held myself together for all of two minutes after dropping her off, and then I cried for the next five! :'(

Funny story, though...I was talking to my friend Mallory & her sister on Sunday, and I said something about my babies being at home. Mallory gave me a hard time, because her sister didn't know anything about my kids and probably thought that I actually had babies at home. So then the next day, I posted a picture of Elly's high school on Instagram, and Mallory made me laugh with her comment...My caption was something like, "How is it possible that I just dropped my baby girl off here?!" And her reply was: #BabiesTakeOverHS! ü

Speaking of my babies, my sweet boy started junior high yesterday!

I tried to get a normal pose, but he's a goofball! When I took the kids' pictures yesterday, it was the first time I had posed them next to each other in awhile. I hadn't realized how much taller Cody is than Elly!! Not only is he taller, but his face has changed and everything! The following picture shows the difference in just one year:

Isn't that craziness?!



Amanda said…
Oh my word!! What a difference a year makes!!! Two lovely, wonderful and kind children you have there Amy :D
RR Mama said…
They change so fast! My baby told me he didn't want to go back to 3rd
grade. He said it was to much work. I didn't have the heart to tell him it just gets worse from here on out. :)
Brooke said…
my niece is in intermediate school this year. i'm so old! eek! (but not as old as you :P)
Anonymous said…
that is total craziness!!! this year IS a big deal, I completely agree! and in all honesty, I will probably shed a few tears when daisy enters high school and beyond. I mean, that is like the definition of them "growing up". wow, college is literally around the corner for your crew!
Zion said…
Seriously, such a change. It's crazy to be able to see it side by side like that.

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