"You Set Me Free"

(by Angie Miller) You Set Me Free - You Set Me Free - Single

This week has been a little bit weird, but mostly good. There may be other things that are worth mentioning, but off the top of my head...We went to my mom's and saw her, my step-dad, and my brother's family on Sunday! I dropped my phone in a cup of water on Tuesday, but fortunately I was able to dry it out in a bag of rice. Friday was a full {but great} days! I took my friend Laurien to the airport bright dark & early, went to my last MOPS meeting, worked, and attended another graduation party. And we celebrated my friends Laura & Regan's birthdays tonight! Other than that, I went on a couple of bike rides. I really don't know when I rode my bike last, but it was good to be on it again!

This may be an admission of just how lame I am, but I still watch American Idol. {I usually record it so I can fast forward through the stupid stuff, if that makes my previous admission any better!} My favorite artist this season was Angie Miller, though I really liked Kree from the beginning as well. I grew to like Candace along the way, and I felt like any of the top three deserved to win. Maybe Angie & Kree will do better with a little more freedom from not having won? Anyways, I really like Angie's original song that she did during Hollywood week, and it was just released on iTunes yesterday! So how about that?! My favorite part is probably the chorus, but I haven't listened to the entire song enough to know if there's a different part that's better!

You come, You come with open arms
You say, "I love you for who you are"
When I was haunted and alone
With the baggage on my back, dragging me down
You set me free...

Alrighty, I'm off to bed! I hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend! ♥



sounds like you have had an eventful week, amy! :) we don't watch american idol, but did get into the voice this season. do you watch that?
Jen Price said…
I'll have to check that song out! So glad the DVD arrived just in time!
Zion said…
Is she one that also did the Bethel worship song "I am Yours"? Anyway, glad your phone is okay!

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