"Take Me As I Am"

(by FM Static) FM Static - Dear Diary - Take Me As I Am

What a week this has been. I normally don't say this, but I'm so glad this week is almost over. At the risk of sounding gloomy again, I'll try to summarize it briefly:

My Uncle Ronnie passed away on Monday morning. He had been sick, but I hadn't realized just how bad things were. I wish I had seen him at Christmas. And I wish that all of us cousins could have gotten together before he passed away. We have never all been together at one time. I hope we can make that happen during my grandmother's lifetime...

At the nursing home craft day on Tuesday morning, I found out that my favorite resident passed away. Mr. Rhoney was the reason I went to craft day, and I think I have decided that I'm not going back. When I got to the chiropractor that afternoon, he asked what's been going on. I sighed and said, "It's been a rough week!" He looked at me a little oddly & replied, "It's only Tuesday."

Wednesday, I made a 14-hour trip to Keller & back for my uncle's funeral. I must say it was one of the best funerals that I have ever attended. I know that sounds weird, but it's true. There was so much talk of hope and restoration. I know Uncle Ronnie is drinking coffee in heaven & smiling at God's message of love that was shared that day.

Thursday, Chris & I ended up at the Medical Center ALL day! He had an 8:00 appointment, and we went to get the results at 11:15. {Yet, I had to ask Cara to pick the kids up from school ~ craziness!} Christopher's liver is fine, but there was some fluid on his lung (most likely just viral) that he had to get extracted & analyzed. We learned a new word: thorosentesis. I've learned so many new words on this cancer journey! Dr. Lehane made it sound like we had nothing to worry about, but then he apologized for us having wait through the long weekend to get the results. Then, his nurse said to try to have a good holiday weekend, despite everything. So, I'm not real sure how to feel, but I'm choosing not to worry about it.

Fortunately, Friday was very uneventful, and I got some much needed rest...

So much for being brief about my week! As for my song post today, *surprise surprise* it's off the new FM Static album ~> since I listened to it 11 times on my Wednesday trip! This one is my favorite!


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